R Martin MiPower 14AH Electric Bike


If you ever wanted our top model, now is the time. This special will only last
for a very short time. This is the lowest price the MiPower will ever be

We have a great helmet that fits any size. The Lazer X3M Black S-XL
Helmet. It’s your’s free with your MiPower order!

Our newest build of the MiPower includes Avid BB7 disk brakes. These are
the best mechanical disk brakes available. You also get a key on/off switch
on the battery pack and a special locking quick release to lock the battery
pack to the frame.

Our MiPower electric bicycle has all of the features that our customers have
requested in a high-end electric bike. The hybrid mountain bike styling of the
MiPower incorporates a sleek design with smooth operation and our top-tier
electric power system.

What makes the MiPower the best value high-end electric bike? We combine
a specially designed high-torque 500 watt electric motor with a top-quality
14ah 36v lithium battery pack. This combination provides high performance
AND incredible range. And this power is included on a quality, smooth
running bicycle platform that is comfortable and easy to ride with or without

You get quality  AVID BB7 disk brakes front and rear.  We also include a
Shimano Altus 7-speed derailleur, Omega RST TnL adjustable shock
absorbing fork, a wireless computer, Body Ergonomics saddle and thorn
resistant Kenda tubes. The 36v 14ah high quality lithium battery pack provides
the longest range of any battery pack we have ever tested.

The MiPower has power on demand with the variable speed thumb throttle
and five levels of pedal assist so you can pedal as much or as little as you
like. This is a excellent bike for recreation and commuting.

For many of our customers, hill climbing ability is a top consideration. The
MiPower has been designed to help you easily conquer the toughest hills.
The 500 watt brushless motor can peak at over 1500 watts when needed on
that steep climb. The combination of the 14ah lithium battery pack and high
torque motor provide excellent performance for both cruising and hill climbing.

When you set the pedal assist level to low, you can get 60+ miles on level
ground. Even with pedal assist on max, you still get 35+ miles on level
ground. The fast charger can fully recharge your battery pack in only 1-2 hrs
and you are ready to go again. With the fast charger, you can greatly extend
your daily range even if you only charge for 30 minutes to an hour during the

And, as with all of our electric bikes, you get the best warranty and support in
the business. The MiPower includes our 1-year warranty. Lifetime phone
support is included with your purchase.

Customer Feedback:

” This is the coolest electric bike anywhere. I ride with a group of older riders that all have a variety of electric bikes. Everyone can’t believe how powerful and smooth the MiPower is. I am always at the top of the hills first. It is also the best looking of all of the bikes on our rides.” – George V.

“I’m happy to provide feedback on this product. This is my second electric bike. This is by far the best electric bike I have ridden. The attention to detail is what sets this apart. The battery pack, motor, shocks and even the power connections are all superior to anything I have seen.” – Bob from CA

“Just got back from a 3+ hour ride. Not  the least bit tired. Went 28 miles and the bike still has plenty of power. You were right. The range is excellent.” – Chris, AZ

“I took back the bike I bought from ————-. It had a problem within a week and it cost more. The MiPower is exactly what I was looking for. I can pedal when I want but it really goes on the throttle alone. The hill that the other bike could not get up is no problem with only light effort. This is exactly what I wanted in an electric bike.” -Richard, Ca

Independent reviews from external web site:

Amazon reviews: (note, there is a poor review that was written by a “rogue” person that is not a customer. Read the comments to the poor review from
other Amazon reviewers to see the real facts.)


FrameAluminum Alloy 17″ hybrid mountain bike style with adjustable shock fork
Battery36v 14ah
Max Speed on motor power20 mph
MotorHigh Torque 500 watt brushless hub motor delivers up to 1500 watts when needed
Charger110v 5.3 amp Fast Smart battery balancing Charger
Rear Deraileur7-Speed Shimano Altus Indexed
Wheels26″ Double Wall
TiresKenda 26″ x 1.75″ and Thorn proof tubes
ForkHydraulic Omega RST TnL Suspension Fork with steel
stanchions, cold-forged aluminum crown, and magnesium outer legs. Adjustable and lockout setting
Front BrakeAvid BB7 Disk
Rear BrakeAvid BB7 Disk
RangeUp to 60 miles on level ground with normal pedaling
Total Weight
58 lbs
ThrottleThumb throttle
Pedal Assist5-levels
Other FeaturesWireless computer included. Top quality water resistant connectors. Adjustable front fork sets the shock tension and includes lock-out

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