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As North America's largest electric bike brand, Rad Power Bikes is constantly redefining the way people and goods move with a dedicated team that designs e-bikes that can be used for anything and are affordable.

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Although Pedego believes in excellence and quality (a belief backed up by the manufacture of high-quality bikes), they place a much higher premium on people. With Pedego, you have a company that stands for you!


Biktrix is devoted to manufacturing electric bicycles that are affordable yet exhibit high performance. Bikes that are more convenient, more efficient and more affordable option.

It, of course, goes without saying that you will need a bike, a quality bike at that if you are to have the best riding experience possible. However, there’s just one slight problem; there are several different quality bikes available. So you might be wondering if what you need is a regular bike or something more sophisticated, something special, something ELECTRIC! Normally, what you were likely to find if you conducted a survey is that most people who go biking actually do so with a regular bike. Currently, however, there is now an increase in the purchase and use of electric bike options. This is unsurprising after all; what you get with a regular bike is, at best, an above-average experience. However, with an electric bicycle, you have access to improved speed, pedal-assist, hydraulic disc brakes, and so much more! Excited yet? Not so fast! There are a couple of things you will need to know and consider before making a choice of what electric bike would be a perfect fit for you.

What to look for when buying electric bikes

There are several electric bike models and manufacturers. Amidst this relatively large market of electric bicycles, it is inevitable that there will be quality bikes and the not so good ones. However, due to the large size of this electric bike world, you may find it hard or challenging to make a choice and detect which e-bikes are actually worth your attention and money.

Here are a couple of things to look out for when considering e-bike purchases from bike manufacturers or local bike shops:

Size of the electric bicycles

The very first thing you want to consider when purchasing electric bikes from bike manufacturers is the size of the e-bike models. The size of the electric bike you opt for depends mainly on the following factors:

  • Intended use of the electric bike.
  • Storage space available.

Electric bike Frame Build

Another factor to consider when making a choice of e-bike purchase is the frame build type. Ideally, you want to ensure that the bike has a frame strong enough to bear your weight easily. Beyond the frame material, however, you will also want to consider the type of frame. Consider questions like:

  • Is it a folding frame?
  • Does it have a low step-in frame build?

These questions will greatly improve the odds of you selecting a final e-bike model that perfectly suits you.

Some other things to consider include:

  • Number of batteries and battery quality
  • Torque and power
  • Presence of security and safety features
  • Type of motor and number of gear levels
  • Tyre grip and thickness
  • Warranty availability and shipping prices
  • Availability of local repair and service options
  • Availability of replacement or upgrade parts.

E-Bike Features to Consider

As was earlier mentioned, there are quite a number of electric bike options available for purchase, and each of these bikes is somewhat unique feature-wise and design-wise. Most electric bicycles generally tend to have a lot of features, but amidst all these features, there are some very vital ones that will have a huge impact on the quality of your riding experience.

Pedal Assist

The pedal-assist feature of electric bikes is a very smart, very intelligent inclusion that ensures you will be able to enjoy a smooth ride with minimal stress whenever you want. As the name implies, the pedal-assist feature simply provides pedalling assist. This means that with a pedal-assist e-bike feature, you will be able to easily switch from manual pedalling to electric pedalling (powered by the motor of the electric bike).

Geared Hub Motor

Electric bike motors can be broadly divided into two distinct types: the geared hub motor and the gearless hub motor. The geared hub motor is, however, considered to be the better e-bike motor type thanks to its better efficiency. Geared hub motors also tend to have a lower weight when compared to their gearless counterparts and this, of course, means lower e-bike overall weight and this, of course, translates to an improvement in riding experience. E-bike motors are also usually named based on their location on the bike, so you will probably hear terms like center hub motor, mid-drive motors, rear hub motor.

Rear Rack

The rear rack is actually one of the most important features an electric bike could have. This feature is especially important if your reason for purchasing an electric bike is to run errands. There are several e-bike models offered for sale by several manufacturers that have a rear rack. These e-bike models are usually city bikes, cargo bikes, city commuters and even some mountain bikes. For the most part, these e-bikes have a small rear rack. However, there are some electric bike models designed with much larger rear racks. Several of these even have a front rack (e.g., cargo e-bike types).


The tyres of your e-bike are one of the most important features of the bike. The tires are important for grip, and they determine what kind of road/surfaces you will be able to ride your bike on. You are more likely to ride a city bike, cargo bike, cruiser e-bike and even some cargo bikes on very smooth roads, so the tire type and size, as well as the grip these tires offer, will be different and way less than the tires of fat bikes (so named because they have a “fat tire”) ad mountain e-bikes. Some quality e-bikes (usually the fat tire bikes) also have puncture-resistant tires, which makes them perfect for off-road riding.


Not all e-bikes have an LCD; however, those that do usually tend to rank among the most premium electric bikes available. The LCD allows riders to be able to easily monitor important e-bike condition levels such as battery percentage, pedal-assist levels, speed and so on. The best part is riders get to have access to all this vital information at a glance. While it is not compulsory you opt for an e-bike option that has an inbuilt LCD; your riding will certainly be a lot better and smoother if you do so.

LED Lights

Good quality bikes should be able to accord you a high level of safety while you’re riding them. This is why it is very important that you opt for quality e-bikes that have both front and rear LED lights. This is to ensure you have access to maximum visibility while riding your e-bike at night. Note, however, that LED strength usually varies from e-bike to e-bike, so you will want to ensure that your preferred e-bike selection has bright enough lights.

E-bike Frame Type

There are several types of e-bike frames. Ideally, your choice of frame will depend on several factors such as:

  • Personal mobility
  • Type of e-bike
  • Expected weight capacity
  • Storage options available.

For people who have limited storage space available in their homes, folding e-bike options will be a perfect option for them. This is because these folding bikes have a foldable frame that ensures users will be able to “fold” and store it in small spaces in their homes or even their cars. For people who have somewhat limited mobility, e-bikes with a step-thru frame are the best option as this unique frame has a low step-in height that ensures they will be able to get on and off the e-bike easily.

E-bike frames are made of different materials depending on the bike manufacturers and expected weight capacity. The most common electric bicycle frame used is the aluminum frame.

Battery Capacity

This is one major feature of e-bikes you will want to pay very close attention to when you’re purchasing a new e-bike. Your e-bike is meant to run on battery power, so it can definitely be inferred that your e-bike is only as good as its battery. If you’re just looking for an e-bike option for use as a daily commute within your city or for running errands, you should find an e-bike with an average-capacity battery satisfactory. However, if you’re looking to do some off-road riding or hill climbing, then you should definitely consider electric bikes with very high-capacity batteries.


Electric bikes usually have one of two brake types. They, however, for the most part, usually have hydraulic disc brakes, although brake manufacturers often differ. A common e-bike brake model is Shimano hydraulic disc brakes (Shimano hydraulic brakes is one of the best e-bike brakes available). Hydraulic brakes are more common because they tend to provide better stopping power than mechanical brakes. They also have superior efficiency and performance.

Electric bike rules and regulations

Now that you know what features to consider when you’re looking to purchase an e-bike from a bike company let’s look at the legal side of things. Just as there are laws in Canada regulating car purchase and use, there are also some rules for regulating the bike industry. These laws are important as they aim to ensure the safety of e-bike riders and other commuters.

E-bikes are currently only permitted in ten Canadian provinces. These provinces include Alberta, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. Although the specifics of e-bike rules and regulations may vary from province to province, there are some general regulations common to all. These include:

Protection: It is advised that e-bike users wear an appropriate helmet when operating their vehicle in all provinces in Canada.

Licensing: According to Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations, E-bikes are classified under a distinct category (separate from combustion engine vehicles) as assist bicycles or power-assisted bicycles. This means that as long as your e-bike runs on batteries and has a pedal-assist feature, you do not need a license to ride it.

Age restrictions: E-bike riding age restrictions vary from province to province in Canada. In some provinces, riders as young as 16 can ride an e-bike, while others set the age restriction at 18 years old. So, make sure to check the age limitations in the province where you plan on riding your e-bike.

Power: E-bikes in Canada are required to have a maximum output of 500 watts, so you will want to bear this in mind when making purchases from e-bike companies.

Speed: Over flat terrain, Canada limits eBikes to a maximum speed of 32 km/h from the motor. So, in as much as you might feel the urge to speed, remain aware of your speed restrictions.

Brakes: E-bikes should have a reliable braking mechanism that brings them to a complete stop within 9 meters of where they were applied. You will want to ensure you test the brakes of your e-bikes before purchasing them from the bike company because you may be subjected to braking efficiency tests by a police officer.

Mod bikes and Upgrades: It is unlawful for users to modify e-bikes in order to increase speed and power levels
Insurance: Insurance is not mandatory before you will be able to purchase and use e-bikes. It is, however, recommended.

Best e-Bikes Canada

Now that you know what to look out for when purchasing electric bikes, and you are familiar with some very important rules and regulations surrounding the use of electric bikes in Canada, it’s time to move on to the very next thing; purchasing your e-bikes.

There are quite a number of electric bike manufacturers, so it may be difficult to make a choice of which is the best electric bike company that will have quality electric bikes perfectly suited to your needs. This article section contains a review of Canada’s top e-bike manufacturers and distributors.

Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego is an electric bike company with over 12 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality, amazing e-bikes in Canada. Every Pedego electric bike is developed to ensure riders have comfortable and enjoyable riding experiences every time.

Pedego offers several different types of e-bikes, from high-end mountain bikes to cruiser e-bikes. You can also get a quality city bike and other specialty bikes from Pedego.


  • Wide range of e-bikes to choose from.
  • All their bikes have a quality build and high-performance capabilities.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Pedego has several dedicated retail stores staffed with bike experts that can answer whatever questions you might have.
  • Pedego also offers a warranty on e-bike purchases (PedegoCare).


  • Pedego’s e-bikes are not the best-priced e-bikes available on the market, so they are probably not for you if you want something more budget-friendly.

Emmo Electric Bikes

Quality yet affordably priced e-bikes are quite difficult to find. This is usually because of the amount of time and quality resources spent on the creation of quality electric bikes.

Emmo Inc. is a Canadian e-bike company devoted to providing high-performance e-bikes at affordable rates in order to create a more sustainable future. Make no mistake, however, that this affordability means a corresponding drop in quality because it definitely isn’t. Emmo is committed to building e-bikes that provide riders with the most pleasurable riding experience possible.


  • Affordably-priced high-performance e-bikes.
  • Emmo offers repair services for e-bikes alongside their purchase.
  • Wide range of mobility options that include even electric scooters and foldable e-bikes. You will even be able to purchase an e-cargo bike.
  • E-bike batteries have a removable design.
  • The e-bikes are also covered by a 1-year warranty.
  • Partial payment for purchases is also permitted (provided you meet specified terms and conditions).


  • No free shipping
  • There are other e-bike manufacturers with better warranty offers to their customers.


Although not a bike manufacturer, EBikeBC has a track record of offering only the best electric bikes and several other mobility options (such as e-trikes, snow items, conversion kits, and scooters) for their customers.

EBikeBC (an affiliate ofENVO DRIVE SYSTEMS INC) specializes in the marketing, distribution, and servicing high-quality mobility aids. ENVO DRIVE SYSTEMS INC is a market research, and engineering organization focused on low-cost, environmentally-friendly transportation and electric drive systems.

EBikeBC provides a large selection of well-engineered and trustworthy e-bikes to fulfil the demands of every customer. They also provide replacement parts and accessories for these items.


  • Several different e-bike options to choose from
  • They also offer replacement and upgrade kits for electric bikes.
  • You can opt to save money by purchasing used electric bikes.
  • Envo’s electric bikes are very fast, smartly designed and equipped with effective rear wheel brakes.
  • Envo’s high-performance e-bikes are priced at affordable, competitive prices.
  • There are quite a number of local dealers present in Canada, so you should not face any problems in trying to go to and locate a store.
  • The e-bikes have improved battery power conservation.
  • Warranty is also offered with every e-bike purchase.


  • There are bike companies that offer more e-bike options.
  • E-bikes have only one motor.
  • There are also several electric bike companies with better warranty options.

Rad Power Bikes

If you’re in the market for a high-performance, all-terrain road e-bike, what you need is a Rad power bike! Although Rad Power Bike was only formed in 2015 by Mike Radenbaugh and Ty Collins, this bike manufacturer has established a reputation for and a track record of offering e-bikes perfectly designed for exceptional user riding experiences. This, of course, has seen Rad power bikes become one of the most highly-rated electric bike brands in North America (having over 8000 5-star reviews).

Rad power bikes offer several different types of e-bikes, including city commuter models. Rad power bikes are also the perfect choice of bike manufacturers if you’re in the market for an electric mountain bike, fat tire e-bike, cargo bike and several other electric vehicles.


  • Rad power bikes offer several different types of e-bikes, so you will have a wide range of options to choose from.
  • Efficient and friendly customer support team
  • Free shipping on all e-bikes purchased in Canada.
  • High-performance and affordable e-bike options that ensure you will always be able to find e-bikes that are a perfect fit for your budget. There is also an option for making payments in installments.


  • Some of the e-bikes offered by Rad Power Bikes are too complicated for self-assembly, so you will want to cross-check this if what you want is a DIY e-bike option.
  • E-bikes mostly only have one motor.

Epic Cycles

Epic Cycles is a Canadian company dedicated to manufacturing electric bikes as a great green transportation choice that is quicker than walking and less expensive than most other modes of transportation. Epic Cycles’ e-bikes are therefore inexpensive, quick, comfortable, and ecologically friendly.

You can get an off-road e-bike, fat tire e-bike, commuter e-bike, folding e-bike with an aluminum frame, step-thru e-bike and so on from Epic cycles, and each of these e-bikes is a guaranteed green transportation option.


  • Variety of high-quality e-bike options to choose from. The Epic Cycle’s Magnum Payload is one of the best utility electric bikes on the market, and the Stromer ST5 easily ranks as one great electric mountain bike option.
  • Different battery options to choose from.
  • Some of the bikes support mobile app integration.
  • Most e-bikes have a dual-motor design, so you’ll be very satisfied as far as performance is concerned.


  • Bikes only have one motor.
  • There are other manufacturers with cheaper e-bike options

Citrus Cycles

Unlike the other e-bike companies discussed in this article, Citrus Cycles does not deal in the manufacture of e-bikes. Rather, they are more distribution-focused. In fact, Citrus Cycles is one of Canada’s largest e-bike distributors. They carry a large selection of different electric bicycle types, including mountain ebikes, from over 40 different manufacturers. This means that regardless of the type or specification of the e-bike you require (whether rear brake design or even mid-drive motors), you will undoubtedly find it here.

Also, if you’re new to the e-bike space and you don’t really know where to start from, Citrus Cycles is a perfect place to begin. Citrus Cycles is the place to go for expert information on e-bikes, including buying, suggestions, repair, and maintenance, among other things. Ordered E-bikes are professionally packaged and delivered to any address in Canada.


  • You have a wide range of bicycle types and manufacturers to choose from.
  • You will have access to repair services and expert advice on how best to use and manage your electric bikes.
  • Citrus Cycles also offers adjustment and upgrade kits for sale.
  • E-bikes purchased can be shipped to any location in Canada.


  • Most of the e-bikes offered by Citrus Cycles are quite expensive.
  • Shipping costs may apply, so you’ll probably want to make sure of this while making a purchase.

Biktrix Electric Bikes

Biktrix is an e-bike manufacturer that is fully committed to the design and manufacture of high-quality yet affordable electric bicycles that consistently meet and exceed expectations. Beyond the production of quality electric bikes, however, Biktrix is a business that prioritizes client happiness. Biktrix listens to you, eliminates features you don’t want, and adds features you do want to create a final product that is tailor-made for you!

Bikrtix also has a friendly and professional customer care team that responds to all questions and concerns politely and thoroughly. This ensures that clients are happy and satisfied with every engagement. Biktrix is established in Canada and has multiple showrooms across the country, but it also ships e-bikes to countries worldwide. This shipment is free for orders above $1000 and is delivered directly to the customer’s door. However, this offer is only available to people in Canada or the United States.


  • A decent collection size of high-quality e-bikes to choose from.
  • Warranty available on e-bike purchases.
  • Efficient and friendly customer service teams.
  • Multiple showrooms across Canada, so you should be able to find one close to you easily.


  • Free shipping is only available on orders above $1000
  • Warranty is only for one year
  • There are other manufacturers with cheaper e-bike options.


Amego is a low-cost, high-efficiency e-bike company based in Canada. Since its debut in 2010, Amego has experienced great growth and now offers a diverse product portfolio.

Amego is currently one of Canada’s largest e-bike retailers. Other major e-bike manufacturers throughout the world, such as Stromer, Gazelle, Rose & Muller, and others, have formed strong and successful ties with them. Amego not only functions as a retail sales and repair center for these manufacturers, but they also have their own range of high-quality electric bikes.


  • Amego’s perfect blend of manufacture and distribution ensures a wide range of different e-bike types to choose from.
  • Committed, effective customer service and shipping teams.
  • E-bikes are also very affordably priced.
  • Warranty is available on purchases.


  • Free shipping is only available on orders above $1900.
  • Amego e-bikes seem to sacrifice some high-end features to make the e-bikes more affordable.

Rize Bikes

Rize Bikes is a Canadian company founded by people who are passionate about developing green transportation alternatives. Rize Bikes has risen to become one of the top e-bike manufacturers thanks to its passion for more environmentally friendly modes of transportation mixed with superb engineering and design.

Rize Bikes is a results-driven enterprise, so they regularly solicit feedback from riders and use that information to develop “better” e-bike models that are more than capable of meeting and exceeding consumer expectations.


  • A product catalogue filled with premium-quality e-bikes. So even if it’s a commuter e-bike you want, you’ll still have access to quality options.
  • Innovative drive and e-bike design is a factor that increases the appeal of Rize Bikes.
  • Several distribution outlets all over Canada, so you shouldn’t have trouble locating one close to you.
  • Highly efficient customer service.
  • Some of the bikes are eligible for free shipping to whatever location you are in Canada.


  • Some of the e-bikes are quite pricey.
  • Most e-bike options only have one motor.


Voltbike is a North American e-bike manufacturer with a pretty singular focus: to bring high-quality, low-cost e-bikes to the North American market. They have been able to do exactly that for over eight years now.
Voltbike’s e-bikes are not primarily produced in Canada; however, the company assumes the responsibility of shipping them into the country.


  • Pretty extensive product line
  • Reduced customer shipping costs on e-bike purchases.
  • VoltBike also provides a repair section where clients can get help with any issues they may have had or are having with their Voltbike e-bike.
  • VotBike offers test ride options to those customers who are still sure of which e-bike will be a perfect fit for their needs.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Warranty and a free helmet are available on e-bike purchases.


  • Shipping costs apply
  • There are cheaper e-bike options available in the market.


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