Rocky Mountain E-Bikes Review

“LOVE THE RIDE” –That’s the Rocky Mountain tagline and although it’s just three words, these are three words that perfectly encapsulate all that the Rocky Mountain brand stands for. Just like the tagline says, Rocky Mountain- e-bikes are designed to help people discover the thrill of bike riding and fall in love with off-road riding. So if you’re looking to explore off-road riding, there’s no better e-bike to do it with than a Rocky Mountain e-bike.

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Rocky Mountain E-Bikes Review

Everybody should have a bike and not just any regular bike but a premium-quality electric bike (e-bike) that offers a lot in terms of comfort and riding convenience. Do you have a bike? If you do and you ride it often, you’ll already be aware of just how fun and thrilling those bike rides can be. Cycling is a fun pastime and this is especially true if you’re someone who loves exploring nature or the great outdoors.

Lots of people opt to go cycling with regular bikes and while these bicycles are great in their own respect, it has to be said that they are quite limited in a lot of areas. For example, unless you’re an expert cyclist or you’re in pretty great shape, you really won’t be able to travel long distances with your bike since you’ll get pretty tired of pedalling after a while. In addition to this riding your bicycle to work, especially when you don’t feel like taking your car or want to avoid cab and bus queues may not always be the best idea with a regular bike. This is because you’ll likely end up putting in a lot of effort pedalling and you’ll eventually get to work all sweaty and uncomfortable.

With an e-bike, however, you won’t have to worry about any of these things happening. This is because e-bikes are designed with several advanced features to provide an excellent blend of maximum comfort and impressive performance so you’ll always be comfortable when you’re out riding. For example, e-bikes have a pedal assist feature that ensures users will be able to travel long distances and explore more of all that nature has to offer. With this pedal-assist feature, you’ll even be able to ride to and from work in comfort and style without exerting yourself and sweating uncomfortably.

Beyond all that has been said above, there are lots of other perks to owning an e-bike so if you don’t have one already, you should look into getting one for yourself. That said, if you’re looking to get an e-bike for yourself, you should know that there are a lot of e-bikes on the market. So you may find it quite challenging to pick one you can be sure is going to be absolutely perfect for you. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for e-bikes-bikes that provide an excellent blend of durability and riding comfort, then you’ll want to consider Rocky Mountain e-bikes. Why Rocky Mountain ebikes? Read on to find out!

Rocky Mountain E-bikes: Balance, Comfort, and Sheer Power

As earlier mentioned, there are lots of ebike options on the market, however, it has to be said that you’d be hard-pressed to find e-bikes that are like those Rocky Mountain offers. This is because, unlike regular e-bike options, Rocky Mountain e-bikes offer a lot more in terms of balance and impressive riding performance. If you love the outdoors and consider yourself an adventurist, but you’re looking to transition from using regular bikes for your trail riding to e-bikes you’ll find Rocky Mountain e-bikes more than sufficient for your needs.

Contrary to what you might think, the Ricky Mountain e-bike brand has actually been around for a while (for decades) and in that period, they’ve established themselves as industry leaders in the manufacture and production of e-bikes that people simply love to ride. The Rocky Mountain production team is made up of experts from different areas of life such as engineers. Writers, athletes, bike nerds, and even riders, all united in the common purpose of creating bikes that are awesome to ride and introducing more people to the thrill and experience of off-road riding.

Since its establishment in 1981, Rocky Mountain has consistently produced and offered e-bikes of the highest quality guaranteed to be a hit among different people with different biking experiences and even kids! So whether you’re an off-road biking expert or you’re a newbie intrigued and looking o get started, you’ll find e-bikes that’ll perfectly suit your level of experience here.

Rocky Mountain has an impressive e-bike product line filled with high-quality e-bike options that make riding an awesomely-enjoyable experience. What’s more these e-bikes have pretty awesome names like the Rocky Mountain Altitude, Rocky Mountain Soul, Rocky Mountain Fusion, Rocky Mountain Growler and even one named the Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt! How cool is that? Make no mistake though, these cool names are more than apt for the bikes bearing them and there really is no better way of describing them.

Categories Of E-bikes

Rocky Mountain offers several different types of e-bikes perfect for use in different conditions so regardless of the type of riding trail you want to conquer, you’ll find one perfect for you. Types of e-bikes offered by Rocky Mountain include the following:

  • Step-over Ebikes
  • Fat-tire Ebikes
  • Off-road Trail Ebikes
  • Off-road Snow Ebikes
  • Off-road Racing Ebikes

Products Offered​

Rocky Mountain has a pretty impressive product line filled with awesome e-bikes so you may find it quite challenging to make a choice, especially if you’re new to e-bikes and you don’t really know what to look out for. Not to worry though because we’ve done all the research so you won’t have to. Here are three of the best Rocky Mountain ebikes on the market:

The Rocky Mountain Slayer (Alloy 50)

Have you ever gone trail-riding before? If you have then you’ll be aware of the fact that usually trails, though absolutely worth it, tend to be somewhat challenging to ride through. Because of this, lots of people opt out of trail riding, however, the thing is with the right bike, you’ll actually be able to have an awesome riding experience. This is what the Rocky Mountain Slayer offers you! This off-road e-bike is designed to have tremendous power and astounding balance. The result? An e-bike that quite literally SLAYS every trail it comes across. Want to run through big mountain trails with all the poise, ease, and grace of an expert rider? Want to take on and conquer as many mountain trails as possible in the least time? If you do then the aptly-named slayer is the perfect e-bike for you!

Key Features

  • Freeride Design
  • Wheel Size: 27.5″ & 29″
  • Front Travel: 170, 180, 200 mm
  • Rear Travel: 180 & 170 mm
  • RIDE-4 Adjustment System
  • SMOOTHLINK™ Suspension
  • SMOOTHWALL™ Carbon
  • Shimano SLX Trail 4 Piston Brake Pads


  • Personalized Performance: One of the things that make the Rocky Mountain Slayer one of the best e-bikes on the market is its high adjustability. This e-bike features a RIDE-4 Adjustment System that’ll let you be able to tune and tailor its geometry to your tastes. The best part? All you need are a pair of Allen keys! Awesome right?
  • Excellent Suspension: Unlike on-road riding where the road is pretty much flat and even, off-road trail riding is a lot different. In offroad riding, trails usually meander all over the place and there are often pretty steep climbs and lots of bumps in the road. With the Rocky Mountain Slayer, however, all these will be nothing you can’t handle. This e-bike has a SMOOTHLINK™ suspension feature that ensures you’ll be able to take on and complete trails without feeling uncomfortable. The suspension is specially designed to handle all the rigors and “roughness” of off-road riding, so you have nothing to worry about.
  • High Durability: The slayer is built with premium-quality SMOOTHWALL™ Carbon material that helps to ensure you’ll be able to ride it for as long as you want without any problems whatsoever. In addition to this, the Slayer also has perfectly teethed tires that ensure you’ll have all the road traction you need for an enjoyable off-road riding experience.
  • Total Control: Between its high adjustability and the impressive braking power this e-bike offers, you’ll be able to enjoy full control over your off-road riding experience.
  • Variety: You should also kow that the Slayer is available in several different sizes so you’ll always be able to pick one that’s a perfect match for your height and weight.


  • No headlights or tail lights.
  • No front or rear racks
  • Its step-over design means it may not be the best e-bike choice for people with limited mobility.
  • Quite Pricey 


The Slayer Alloy 50 is currently valued at $4,689.50.

The Rocky Mountain Blizzard (Carbon 50)

Have you ever heard it said that winter isn’t an ideal time to go bike riding? If you have then it’s pretty obvious that whoever said that to you has certainly not heard of or used the Rocky Mountain Blizzard before! Designed with fat-tires that are indeed “fat,” the Blizzard offers riders with all the traction and security they need to ride across slippery surfaces or even directly on snow-packed areas with absolutely no problem. Here’s the interesting thing, no only can the Rocky Mountain Blizzard e-bike easily move across snowy areas, but it actually does so at an amazing speed and with awesome control! So if you’re in search of a bike perfect for exploring winter trails, then this is the perfect one for you. Blitz through the snow with the Blizzard!

Key Features

  • Zero (0) Shock
  • ODI Elite Pro Lock On Grip Design
  • Shimano MT4120 4 Piston
  • Fat Tires
  • Rocky Mountain 148 Cromo Saddle


  • Non-slip Grip: The Rocky Mountain Blizzard features the ODI Elite Pro Lock On Grip Design that help to ensure you’ll be able toeasily keep your hands on the handlebars even while youre riding through snow.
  • Total Control: The Blizzard also has an impressive braking system that helps to ensure that combines well with the amazing riding performance it offers to guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy the thrill of riding though snow fast and still be able to stop when you want to!
  • FAT Tire Design: There are lots of e-bikes on the market that claim to have fat tires but with this particular one, you can rest assured that the fat tires are indeed just that. Thanks to these tires, you’ll be able to easily ride the Blizzard across snow just as easily as if you were riding on the road.
  • Sizing Variety: The Blizzard is available in several different sizes so you’ll always be able to choose one that perfectly matches your riding needs or requirements.


  • No headlights or tail lights.
  • No front or rear racks
  • Its step-over design mean it may not be the best e-bike choice for people with limited mobility.


The Rocky Mountain Blizzard is currently valued at $3,299

The Rocky Mountain Instinct (Alloy 50)

Instinctive control is one of the most important things for trail riding especially when you intend doing it at high speed. Unfortunately, however, lots of e-bike options simply fail to provide good enough control that’ll allow off-road riders enjoy the best riding experience. That said, if you’re in the market for an e-bike that can guarantee you maximum control over your riding, then the Rocky Mountain Instinct is the perfect choice for you. The Instinct is the most versatile Rocky Mountain trail bike and true to its name, this e-bike will leave you feeling like you’re one with your environment and riding on pure INSTINCT!

Key Features

  • Trail-Riding Design
  • Wheel Size: 29″ & 27.5″
  • Front Travel: 150 mm
  • Rear Travel: 140 mm
  • RIDE-9 Adjustment System
  • Multi-trail Compatibility


  • Perfect For Trail Riding: If there ever was an e-bike that ‘s perfect for riding and conquering different types of trails, then it’ll be Rocky Mountain Instinct. This e-bike offers an amazing blend of control, balance and speed that’s sum up to make it an excellent off-road riding bike choice.
  • Awesome Handing: Another reason why you should consider getting the Rocky Mountain Instinct for your off-road riding is the fact that this e-bike has astounding handling. This e-bike’s handling is so precise that it’ll respond perfectly to a slight twist or flick of your wrist. If you’re an off-road rider who’s big on precision, the Instinct is exactly what you need.
  • Multiple Frame Sizes: The Instinct is available in several different frame sizes so regardless of your height and weight, you’ll always be able to enjoy excellent riding experiences.


  • No step-thru design
  • No headlights or tail lights.
  • No front or rear racks


The Rocky Mountain Instinct is currently valued at $4,499


In addition to offering excellent-quality e-bikes perfect for a wide range of users, Rocky Mountain also offers free shipping on e-bike orders above $150 for people living in Canada and the United States. Orders that cost less also attract a shipping cost of only $15.00. If you intend on shipping a Rocky Mountain e-bike to any other part of the world, you’ll only have to spend about $35.00 on shipping costs.  All orders are shipped from Rocky Mountain’s distribution center in St. Georges de Beauce, Quebec, Canada and you should expect to receive your orders between 2-5 business days for Canada-bound shipments, 3-6 business days for the United States and about 5-10 business days for e-bikes to be shipped to other parts of the world. Asides from this, Rocky Mountain also has hundreds of authorized dealers in several other continents like Asia, North and South America, and even Oceania so you’ll always have easy access to top-quality e-bikes.

If you’re looking to get e-bikes that are perfect for exercising or off-road riding, then you’ll want to get a Rocky Mountain e-bike for yourself. These e-bikes are built and designed to deliver the most comfortable and enjoyable off-road riding experience ever!


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