Best Electric Cargo Bikes in Canada 2024

Best Electric Bike Companies in Canada For Transporting People And Their Stuff Electric cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular in Canada, as more people look for eco-friendly and efficient ways to transport goods. These bikes offer a range of benefits over traditional vehicles, including lower costs, reduced emissions, and improved flexibility. As a result, many … Read more

British Columbia Offers Rebates on Electric Bikes: Here’s What You Need to Know

British Columbia E-Bike Rebate British Columbia is one of the most bike-friendly provinces in Canada, and the government has been promoting the use of electric bikes (e-bikes) as an eco-friendly and affordable mode of transportation. The province has been offering rebates on e-bikes to encourage more people to buy and use them. The rebate program … Read more

Dual Motor E-Bike: The Ultimate Solution for Enhanced Performance and Efficiency

Twice The Bike Dual motor e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular among both casual and serious riders. These bikes feature two motors, one on each wheel, and offer a variety of benefits over traditional single motor e-bikes. Dual motor e-bikes provide increased power and torque, making them ideal for tackling challenging terrain that would be difficult … Read more