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Epic Cycles Review

Epic Cycles are a Canadian electric bicycle manufacturer that deals in the innovative production of high-quality electric bikes. The company’s office is located in Toronto, Ontario.

Epic Cycles is dedicated to producing only the highest-quality electric bicycles designed to satisfy customer need for faster speeds and reduced charging times. In order to ensure customers’ continued access to the best cutting-edge technology and best safety practices, Epic Cycles continually invests in improved production and design. Apart from providing e-bike options, Epic Cycles also produces excellent electric scooters.

But beyond just providing high-quality, speed-optimized electric bicycles and scooters, they also have excellent customer relations. Epic Cycles believes in prioritizing customer satisfaction above every other thing. This is also why they are constantly improving and revolutionizing e-bike ideas to provide consumers with a more efficient and exhilarating electric bicycle.

E-bikes Styles

Epic Cycles has different types of electric bicycles for sale. These e-bike categories include:

  • Off-road Electric Bikes
  • City Electric Bikes
  • Cargo and Utility Electric Bikes
  • Folding Electric Bikes
  • Step-Thru Electric Bikes

Products Offered​

Epic Cycles boasts an extensive product line consisting of fast and eco-friendly e-bikes. This ensures you have an effective and convenient transportation option that is perfect for commuting to work, getting around town, and even taking countryside rides. This article discusses three of the best e-bike options Epic Cycles offers.

The Magnum Payload

Many e-bikes claim to be “utility” bikes but rarely will you find one expertly designed for that exact purpose. The Magnum Payload is a heavy-duty electric bicycle capable of easily transporting rider and cargo. This e-bike is the ideal representation of a utility bicycle.

Key Features

  • 500W Motor
  • 13Ah, 17.5Ah and 21Ah  Battery Options
  • Pedal Assist
  • Trigger Throttle
  • Head and Taillights
  • Double legged kickstand
  • Step-thru frame
  • Rigid alloy fork
  • 350lbs weight capacity.
  • Wheel size: 26″ x 1.75″
  • Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes


  • The e-bike 500W motor ensures you have all the speed you might want or need in an electric utility bicycle.
  • The three different battery options mean you can travel an estimated range of 40-120 km (depending on load and road type/condition)
  • Headlight and rear light contribute added security, particularly in dark conditions.
  • The electric bike has an extended rear deck that makes it perfect for carrying and transporting load.
  • The aluminum alloy step-thru bicycle frame makes the bicycle strong and durable. It also makes it easy to get on or off the bike.
  • The e-bike’s double-legged kickstand makes it possible to safely load the bike properly without fear of the bike falling.
  • The e-bike’s 350 lbs weight capacity means the bike is suitable for use for almost anyone. It also means that you can safely use the bicycle for your shopping runs.
  • The Magnum Payload also has a pedal-assist feature that allows for comfortable riding.


  • The bike only has one motor.
  • The 350 lbs weight limit means it may still be unsuitable for people who weigh more than 350 lbs.


The Magnum Payload is currently valued at $3,650, a more than fair price for such a powerful and useful e-bike.

The Stromer ST5 Suspension Fork

The Stromer ST5 Suspension Fork is one of the best electric bicycles on the market. Its sleek, ergonomic design, intelligent technological integrations and powerful motor all contribute towards a fast yet very comfortable riding experience for users.

Key Features

  • Keyless Bluetooth startup
  • 850W Motor
  • 500Wh – 983Wh 48V Ejectable Li-NCM Battery
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Pedal Assist
  • App integration
  • Front and rear lights (Supernova M99 lights)
  • Integrated Horn
  • Integrated Handlebar
  • 27.5″ Wheel Size
  • Two Sizes
  • 4 Piston front and 4 pistons rear Brake Design


  • The electric bicycle’s 850W motors place it as one of the fastest bikes on the market, capable of speeds up to 45 Km/Hr.
  • The different battery types ensure the bike can move distances of 90 – 108 km on a single charge!
  • The wireless Bluetooth Connectivity can be used to conduct a keyless start. You can link the bike to its mobile app.
  • Supernova M99 headlights and taillights contribute to improved safety of riders, especially in dark conditions.
  • The Integrated Horn is also an added safety feature.
  • The e-bike’s efficient brake design ensures you can easily stop it at any point you want.
  • There are two e-bike sizes, which means most individuals of considerable size should find one perfect for them.
  • There is also a pedal-assist feature available for improved rider convenience.


  • Only one motor
  • Quite costly
  • No step-thru design, which means getting on and off the bike might be pretty challenging for some people.


The Stromer ST5 Suspension Fork is currently valued at $13,999. A two-year warranty also covers the e-bike.

The BlueRev Moto81 M-750 Turbo Dual Motor

Few e-bikes are as suitable for day-to-day commuting around Canada as the BlueRev Moto81 M-750 Turbo Dual Motor. As the name suggests, this e-bike utilizes dual-turbo motors to ensure an optimal riding experience for users.

Key Features

  • Dual 750W Motors
  • Front and Rear Wheel Drive
  • Long Banana Seat
  • 17.5Ah Lithium-ion Battery 
  • 200 kg/441 lbs Weight capacity
  • Passenger Foot Pegs
  • LCD Control Display
  • LED Front Light
  • Integrated Rear Light
  • Step-thru frame 
  • Disk Brakes
  • Suspension Forks
  • Aluminum alloy Suspension Fork


  • The Dual 750W motors coupled with three motor settings (Front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and two-wheel drive) ensure you will always have more than sufficient power and speed. 
  • LED front light and integrated rear light ensure safety, especially in dark conditions.
  • 17.5Ah battery allows the e-bike to be able to travel between 50 – 80 km on a single charge
  • The e-bike’s tyres and suspension fork ensure that off-road riding will be comfortable for riders.
  • The step-thru frame makes getting on and off the e-bike easy and convenient.
  • LCD allows riders to monitor the e-bike’s battery levels easily. 
  • High-quality disk brakes make sure you will be able to swiftly and easily stop the bike.
  • The bike’s somewhat compact design makes it suitable for daily commuting. 
  • The Banana Seat design and passenger footpegs ensure a passenger can be carried comfortably with this bike.
  • 200kg Load Capacity is quite large, making the e-bike perfect for individuals of considerable size and running errands.


  • No Bluetooth or app connectivity
  • If speed is what you need, there are faster e-bikes on the market
  • There are also e-bikes with stronger batteries.


The BlueRev Moto81 M-750 Turbo Dual Motor is currently valued at $3,799.00. This makes it one of the cheapest, high-performance e-bikes on the market.


Electric bicycles produced by Epic Cycles are high-performance and excellently designed. So if you’re in the market for FAST and EFFICIENT e-bikes, then you should consider going through their product list. You should find exactly what you need here.


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