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As North America's largest electric bike brand, Rad Power Bikes is constantly redefining the way people and goods move with a dedicated team that designs e-bikes that can be used for anything and are affordable.

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Biktrix is devoted to manufacturing electric bicycles that are affordable yet exhibit high performance. Bikes that are more convenient, more efficient and more affordable option.


Exploring The Outdoors

Do you love going on bike rides and exploring the great outdoors? If you do then chances are you already have a bicycle, after all, there’s simply no better “vehicle” for tackling those off-road trails and mountain ranges than a bike. With a bike, you’ll be able to move faster and enjoy better ease of movement. However, it has to be said that despite the advantages these bikes offer, they do have some pretty serious adverse effects.

For one, regular bikes run on gas and as a result, they tend to release greenhouse gases into the environment, thereby adversely affecting nature. There’s also the fact that these regular bikes tend to be quite limited in terms of flexibility and maneuverability. Now you’re probably wondering, “So what alternative do I have to regular bikes since they aren’t the best for me?” That’s a pretty good question! The answer to this question is electric bikes (e-bikes)!

In this day and age, e-bikes are no longer novel to the trail biking and city biking scene. Despite this, however, lots of people still seem to be unaware of just how much is capable with an electric bike. For example, people are used to the idea that an electric bike can be used for daily inter-city commuting or even exercising and regular trail biking. However, several people are not aware that not only can you use an e-bike to conquer regular off-road trails but you can also use them for trail mountain biking without any problems whatsoever.

That said, it is important to mention at this point that there are actually several different types of e-bikes on the market and each e-bike type is designed with a unique purpose in mind. Some are perfect for leisure riding while others make for excellent exercise bikes. However, if you’re looking for a mobility option that’ll allow you to be able to explore off-road and mountain trails in Canada to your heart’s content without any problems whatsoever, then you should consider getting an electric mountain bike for yourself! What’s an electric mountain bike and what makes it such a great choice for me? Read on to find out!

What is an Electric Mountain Bike?

An electric mountain bike, also known as an e-mountain bike or e-MTB is a type of e-bike that has all the characteristic features you’ll expect to find in a mountain bike such as fat tires, impressive suspension, and so much more. However, it has to be said that electric mountain bikes are unarguably an improvement over traditional mountain bikes. This is due to the fact that in addition to having all the features of a regular mountain bike, these electric downhill mountain bike options also have added features such as an electric motor and a battery.

The electric motor makes it a lot easier for riders to tackle rough terrain and even pedal uphill irrespective of the particular trail. Of course, the battery in this e-mountain bike setup provides the motor with all the power it needs to help you tackle your mountain trails. So with an e-mountain bike, you really won’t know any limitations to your riding experience. Awesome right?

Based on their unique build quality and significantly more impressive performance, it’s not surprising that e-mountain bikes are becoming an increasingly popular mountain trail riding choice among both experienced trail riders and people new to mountain trail riding. So whether you’re in Canada or any other part of the world with exciting mountain trails, you’ll be able to enjoy extremely enjoyable riding experiences.

Are you a pro-rider looking for what is the fastest electric mountain bike to help improve trail riding success or someone relatively new to mountain trail riding and looking for the perfect bike to help you get started with riding, read on to discover some of the best electric mountain bike Canada has to offer. However, before going on to discuss the various electric MTB Canada has to offer, let’s take a look at the features of an electric mountain bike and how these features contribute to improving your comfort and riding overall experience.

Features Of An Electric Mountain Bike

One of the things that make electric mountain bikes much better alternatives to regular mountain bikes is the fact that they have a plethora of added features that sync up perfectly to guarantee that riders will be able to enjoy better performance and have comfortable experiences. Some of these characteristic features include the following:

  • Full Suspension System: An electric mountain bike full suspension build helps to ensure riders will be perfectly comfortable and enjoy jarring-free riding experiences irrespective of whether they’re riding on or off-road.
  • Fat Tires: Electric mountain bikes have large or “fat” tires that are specially designed to guarantee massive improvements in terms of traction and stability. So you’ll even be able to ride on slippery road trails without falling over.
  • A Battery-powered Electric Motor that ensures riders will have all the riding power they need to tackle steep climbs or particularly challenging trails. This motor is usually linked to a throttle or a sensor that riders will be able to use to activate it whenever they need to.
  • LCD Display: Electric mountain bikes also tend to have an LCD display feature that helps to ensure riders will always be able to easily monitor the e-bike’s settings and condition. This LCD displays information such as the e-bike speed, battery level, pedal assist level, and so much more!

Some other features of an electric full-suspension mountain bike include the following:

  • Strong yet lightweight frame (usually made from carbon fibre or aluminum alloy).
  • Excellent disc brakes that offer impressive stopping power
  • Removable batteries
  • Pedal assist feature
  • Locking Forks
  • Several riding modes
  • Gear shifting systems

Pros and Cons of Electric Mountain Bikes

Now you may be thinking, “In what ways are electric mountain bikes better than regular mountain bikes?” That’s a good question. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting an electric mountain bike for yourself:

  • Power, Power, Power: Some people think that regular e-bikes and e-mountain bikes aren’t really all that different, and in fact, one could be used in place of the other. While there’s some measure of correctness in the first statement, the second, however, is totally wrong! Although regular e-bikes and e-mountain bikes have their similarities, their differences are quite vast, especially when it comes to power!

Electric mountain bikes are specially designed for conquering mountain trails. However, if you’ve ever gone biking on a mountain trail before, you’ll be aware of the fact that these trails demand a lot more from riders than regular dirt trails. To combat this challenge, electric mountain bikes are built to have and offer more riding power compared to regular e-bikes or bicycles. In fact, electric mountain bikes offer so much power that even non-athletic seniors will be able to use them to explore mountain trails without any problems whatsoever!

  • Superior Comfort: Another reason why you should get an electric mountain bike for yourself is the fact that these bikes offer superior comfort on mountain trails compared to regular bikes. This is due to the fact that electric mountain bikes have exceptional suspension systems that are perfectly designed to absorb incredible amounts of shock. So with an electric mountain bike, you’ll be able to enjoy smooth and comfortable riding experiences even when you’re riding on a particularly bumpy trail. Awesome right?
  • Exceptional Braking Ability: Have you ever gone mountain biking before? If you have then you’ll be perfectly aware of the fact that these mountain trails tend to have quite steep descents. Because of this riding your bike as you descend can be quite tricky… if you don’t have an electric mountain bike that is.

Electric mountain bikes are built with the best braking systems on the market so you can be sure you’ll always be able to safely descend from even the steepest mountain trails without any problems whatsoever. What’s more, the brakes in these bikes are also designed to be very capable of withstanding sudden turns or change in direction. Talk about having full control over riding!

  • Impressive Range: Electric mountain bikes are built to offer excellent reliability and energy efficiency thanks to their high-performance batteries. On a full charge, you can travel on your electric mountain bike for as far as 75 miles! Amazing right? There are even some electric mountain bike models that can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge. So you’ll certainly be able to ride and explore to your heart’s content.

In addition to this, these batteries have an energy-efficient build coupled with fast charging designs so you’ll be able to attain full charge between 3-6 hours. This means that you won’t have to sit around waiting for long hours before you’ll be able to use your electric mountain bike.

  • Amazing Speed: Aside from having exceptional braking systems and high-efficiency batteries, electric mountain bikes also offer very impressive speed as well. So not only will you be able to conquer even the most difficult mountain trails with an electric mountain bike, but you’ll also be able to do it at thrilling speeds!

Disadvantages Of Electric Mountain Bikes

Although electric mountain bikes are most certainly a worthwhile investment, it has to be said that they do have their cons. The following are the disadvantages of electric mountain bikes:

  • Expensive: A lot has been said about all the amazing features electric mountain bikes offer. However, it’s worthy of mention that access to these amazing features is not cheap. Electric mountain bikes are so expensive that purchasing one will cost you at least $1500. That said, you could always opt for the option of renting one but you’ll find over time that that isn’t an economical decision. Electric mountain bikes may be more expensive than regular e-bikes but considering all the added features and performance improvements they come with, they are certainly more than worth their expensive price tags.
  • Heavy: You may not notice this particular problem with electric mountain bikes if you always take off riding from your garage. However, things become a lot different when you have to load or unload it from your car. This is because electric mountain bikes can weigh as much as 25 kg and even when you remove the battery before loading or unloading the e-bike, you’ll have only succeeded in reducing the weight by about 2.5 to 4 kg.
  • Less Flexibility: Electric mountain bikes offer a lot in terms of riding flexibility, however, if you’ve ridden a regular electric bike before, you’ll immediately notice the drop in riding flexibility. Electric mountain bikes may be the best in terms of power and performance but when it comes to riding flexibility, they come in second to regular e-bikes.
  • Costly Maintenance and Parts: Not only do electric mountain bikes cost more than regular e-bikes but they also tend to cost more to maintain. In addition to this, you’ll also find that electric mountain bike parts like batteries and brake pads are quite expensive.


As mentioned earlier, electric mountain bikes tend to be quite expensive with several models costing as much as $8000 or $9000 and above. That said, however, there are relatively cheap electric mountain bike options on the market that are valued at $3000 and below. Some even cost as low as $1800 so you’ll certainly not have to break the bank to get an electric mountain bike you’ll find perfect for all your trail riding activities.

Interested in getting an electric mountain. Ike for yourself? Read on to discover e-MTB manufacturers that offer the best full-suspension electric mountain bike under $3000 for you!

Best Electric Mountain Bikes in Canada

Trail riding is a favorite pastime in Canada and as such, there are tons of excellent eclectic mountain bikes used for this purpose so it’s impractical to review all of these different e-MTB options. So this review will focus on only three of the best electric mountain bike companies in Canada. Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

Rocky Mountain Ebikes

If you’re already a part of the biking scene in Canada, you’ll have certainly come across or at least heard of Rocky Mountain e-bikes. This is unsurprising, after all, the Rocky Mountain e-bike brand has been around since 1981 and in that period, they have developed a reputation for providing premium-quality electric mountain bikes that offer a whole lot in terms of aesthetics and performance. A typical example of these premium-quality electric mountain bikes is the Growler Powerplay.

The Growler Powerplay

Summary of product

With its well-built and durable 27.5+ tires and the exceptional power of its Dyname™ 3.0 drive system, the Growler Powerplay is certainly one of the best trail bikes of the century. This electric mountain bike’s tires offer excellent trail grip so you’ll be able to descend or ascend trails rapidly without fear of skidding or losing control. In addition to this, its Dyname™ 3.0 drive system offers all the power you’ll need to conquer even the most stubborn of trails in a very short time. Awesome right?

Key Features

  • Trail Design
  • 5+ Wheel Size
  • 130mm Front Travel
  • Brakes: Shimano MT4100 2 Piston
  • Internal Cable Routing
  • Step-Over Frame Design
  • Powerplay Battery
  • Dyname™ 3.0 Drive System


  • Built For Adventure: One of the things that make the Growler Powerplay one of the best e-bike options on the market is the fact that, unlike some other e-bike options that are adaptable for trail riding, this particular one is actually fundamentally designed for the trail! That’s right, every single part of this e-bike was carefully chosen with trail riding in mind. So you can be sure you’ll be able to enjoy a trail riding experience like no other with this e-MTB.
  • Powerful Brakes: The Growler Powerplay comes fitted with highly-responsive Shimano MT4100 2 Piston brakes that pretty much guarantee you’ll be able to ride as fast as you want and still enjoy smooth stopping every single time. With the Growler Powerplay, you can ascend and descend without fear!
  • Wonderful Range: Another feature of this e-MTB that more than separates it from most other e-MTB options on the market is that it offers an incredible riding range. This is all thanks to its Powerplay Battery that has a 720Wh capacity so you’ll always be able to ride for as long as you want without any problems whatsoever.


  • Its step-over frame design may make this e-MTB an impractical choice for people with limited mobility since they’ll have trouble getting on and off the e-bike.
  • No folding frame
  • This e-MTB does not have front or rear racks so you may want to consider carrying a bag that you can use to store your accessories while riding


The Growler Powerplay 30 is currently valued between $2700 and $3000, depending on the specific store you go to.

Giant Electric Mountain Bikes

When it comes to helping you unleash your innate capabilities and riding potential, no e-MTB does it better than Giant electric mountain bikes. Founded in 1972, the Giant brand has steadily grown to be one of the most preferred e-MTB manufacturers among riders and it’s easy to see why too. Giant e-MTBs offer an excellent blend of innovative craftsmanship and astounding performance, thereby guaranteeing you’ll have access to everything you need to enjoy amazing trail riding experiences every single time!

Want to check out a Giant e-MTB for yourself? Here’s an excellent recommendation for you:

The REIGN E+ 2

Summary of product

At first glance without any in-depth examination, it’ll already be pretty clear that the REIGN E+ 2 is pretty much in a class of its own as an e-MTB. This e-bike has a very stylish design that just screams speed and performance and you can be sure that the e-MTB’s inbuilt features certainly more than deliver on the promise of speed its design hints at. If you’re in search of an electric mountain bike that you’ll be able to use to conquer mountain trails and look good while doing it then the REIGN E+ 2 is just perfect for you!

Key Features

  • Step-over Frame Design
  • Maestro Rear Suspension (160mm)
  • SyncDrive Pro Motor Technology
  • Updated Geometry Design
  • RideControl Ergo 3
  • Giant E-bike App Compatibility
  • Downtube-Integrated EnergyPak
  • Ride Assist Feature
  • Brakes: Shimano SLX BR-M7120, 4-piston, hydraulic disc, 203mm
  • Foldable Tubeless Tires
  • Torx 25 Battery Lock with built-in Torque limiter


  • Excellent Balance: The REIGN E+ 2 has a 160mm Maestro Rear Suspension feature that helps to ensure you’ll be able to tackle bumpy trails and maintain easy, comfortable balance while doing so.
  • Long-lasting Battery: With the REIGN E+ 2, you’ll pretty much be able to ride anywhere you want for as long as you want without any problems whatsoever. This is primarily because this e-MTB has a downtube-integrated EnergyPak feature that offers up to 800Wh capacity.
  • Trail Build: One other reason why you should consider getting the REIGN E+ 2 for yourself is that this bike has a trail-optimized build that helps to ensure you’ll be able to enjoy excellent trail riding experiences every time you use it. This e-MTB has a perfect geometrical build that allows for better handling and impressive agility even on the roughest of terrains. In addition to this, it also has SyncDrive Pro motor technology that is capable of supplying so much power that riding up steep trails will be a walk in the park for you.


  • Its step-over frame design means people with limited mobility will find it quite challenging to mount and dismount the e-MTB.
  • Pretty expensive
  • No folding frame


The REIGN E+ 2 is currently valued at $7,299.

Specialized Electric Mountain Bikes

“Specialized Electric Mountain Bikes” –The name alone is enough to send your body tingling with anticipation and expectation and why not? The prospect of specialized e-MTBs, designed by e-MTB specialists is certainly more than desirable, isn’t it? The Specialized brand has been around since 1974 and this e-bike brand is one that produces exceptional quality e-bikes that are made for riders, by riders! Want to explore Specialized’s e-MTB options? Here’s one to get you started.

The Turbo Levo Expert

Summary of product

The Turbo Levo Expert has a very attractive design that promises exceptional performance and a plethora of inbuilt features that over-deliver on this promise! This e-MTB is the product of a 40-year devotion to e-MTB quality improvement and it certainly more than delivers in this respect thanks to its perfect combination of comfortable build, impressive range, and raw power! Really, there’s no better e-MTB on the market to give you that special bit of “Specialized” riding experience.

Key Features

  • Turbo Full Power 2.2 Motor
  • MasterMind Turbo Control Unit (TCU)
  • 150mm Rear Suspension
  • GX Eagle 12-speed Drivetrain
  • Dialed-in FOX Performance Elite Suspension
  • Roval Traverse Wheelset
  • Integrated 700Wh Battery
  • Custom Specialized Wiring Harness
  • MicroTune Assist Adjustment
  • Over-the-air Updates
  • ANT+/Bluetooth®,
  • w/Handlebar remote


  • Unrivalled Performance: The Turbo Levo Expert combines its Turbo Full Power 2.2 motor with its MasterMind Turbo Control Unit to grant you an exceptional amplification of your riding efforts. With this e-MTB, you’ll be able to choose wherever you want to ride. You’ll even be able to challenge the most difficult mountain trails and still come out on top!
  • Comfortable Build: This e-MTB has a custom-built 150mm rear suspension that helps to ensure you’ll always be perfectly comfortable while riding, even when the trail is pretty rough. You’ll enjoy perfect stability and balance!
  • Impressive Range: The Turbo Levo Expert has a 700Wh battery that can last for as long as five hours on a single charge! So you’ll be able to ride as much as you want without worrying about running out of battery power.


  • The Turbo Levo Expert has a step-over frame design that can make it quite challenging for people with limited mobility to get on and off the bike.
  • Very expensive


The Turbo Levo Expert is currently priced at $15,655.


Electric mountain bikes are a valuable innovation and they offer prospective riders the opportunity to explore the great outdoors in the most comfortable manner possible. If you love exploring and you’re looking to discover everything nature has to offer, you should consider getting an e-MTB for yourself!

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