E-Bikes In The Cold Canadian Winters

Canadian Winters Are Coming As the popularity of electric bicycles, or e-bikes, continues to surge, many riders are beginning to explore the feasibility of using them throughout the winter months. With their electric assistance, e-bikes can tackle slippery surfaces and snowy pathways with relative ease, but is it truly practical to rely on this mode … Read more

Electric Bikes Laws in Canada

Overview In this article, we will discuss the laws that surround electric bikes, also known as power assisted bicycles. There are other terms that these can be referred to as well. For example these particular motor vehicles can be called electric power assisted bicycles, electric assist bicycle, electric bike/electric bicycle, assisted bicycle, e bikes, etc. … Read more

Electric Bike Finance

Finance Your Electric Bike Electric bike financing is a topic that has a lot of parts to it. Firstly, different retailers may offer different financing options, and there may or may not be tax rebates offered by Canada or by different provinces, at a provincial level. In this article, we will cover these topics. A … Read more

E-Bike Conversion Kits Canada

An electric bike conversion kit transforms a regular bike into an electric bike. These electric bike conversion kits can be found at department stores like Walmart, and even online on Amazon. The e bike conversion kit requires the user to assemble electric bikes themselves. The conversion kit usually allows the user to change out only … Read more

R Martin MiPower Step-Thru Electric Bike

Discontinued This item is discontinued and is no longer being offered by the manufacturer. × Dismiss alert Overview The MiPower electric bicycles have all of the features that customers have requested in a high-end electric bikes. The step-over bike styling of the MiPower incorporates a comfort design with smooth operation and the top-tier electric power … Read more